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Paddington 2 (2017)

Back in 2014, Paddington came out of absolutely nowhere to become one of my favourite films of the year, a real family treat that was warm, pitch perfect and genuinely laugh out loud funny. As with any great cinematic success these days, a sequel was inevitable, and three years later we have Paddington 2, a straight forward title that I hoped would stick to the straight forward and satisfying formula that served its predecessor so very well. I’m pleased to report that, although Paddington 2 doesn’t quite manage to replicate the perfect magic of the first in the series, it is still without a doubt one of the best family films of the year. The narrative follows Paddington (Ben Whishaw) as he finds himself in a spot of trouble after being wrongly convicted of stealing a precious book, and his journey is both helped and hindered by a mixture of familiar characters and new additions, all of whom only serve to make the film even more enjoyable. In terms of tone, the film stays…