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Movie Review: Life as We know it (2010)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas

There are some movies whose eventual outcome is extremely obvious, right from the word 'Go'. 10 minutes into this movie and almost anyone can tell you exactly what happens for the next 100 minutes, more or less. Holly (Heigl) runs a bakery store and is absolutely in love with it and the success that she is experiencing. Messer (Duhamel) is a television technical sports director and has been working extremely hard to get that promotion he always wanted. Peter and Alison are friends with both Messer and Holly and decide that the two should meet each other because they are extremely compatible and they could do with each others company. Their first encounter does not go correct and they each vow to hate the other person for the rest of their life. Peter and Alison unfortunately die in a car accident and as per their will, Holly and Messer are appointed guardians to their 1 year old daughter, Sophie. The…

Movie Review: Mid Night in Paris- 2011

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Comedy/Drama

Starring: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Tom Hiddleston, Corey Stoll, Kathy Bates, Marion Cotillard

Paris, the city of culture, art, music and love. Artists and lovers, both travel to Paris to rekindle their respective passions and hope to find enlightenment and a fresh perspective. Gil Pender (Wilson) is a successful Hollywood script writer who feels that movies does not allow him to exploit all of his creativity and yearns for something different. He tries to write a book but ends up experiencing a writers block and is frustrated on how he could get around it. On a trip to Paris with his fiancee, Inez (McAdams), he is smitten by the beauty and charisma of the city and finds himself contemplating a life here away from California. Inez, however, feels that Gil has lost his mind and he needs to snap back to reality and forget about living in Paris. On a drunk nightly stroll across the city, Gil is invited inside a vintage car and soon real…

The Conjuring

James Wan’s The Conjuring (the title is meaningless, unless you consider the box-office numbers the film has magicked up) is an old fashioned spook-house horror, built on the bedrock of a supposedly true supernatural story and unashamedly derived from the best bits of a long list of genre classics, from The Exorcistto The Shining.
1976s blockbuster Amityville Horror is a touchstone, but that’s no surprise given that this purportedly true-to-life account of the strange goings on that affected a family home in Rhode Island in the early 70s comes from the same source, husband-and-wife paranormal investigators Ed and Loraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga).
In real life, the Warrens came to prominence at a time when there was a spike in interest in paranormal matters; the most pronounced revival in spiritualism since the Victorian era, a hangover from the third-eye opening sixties. It was a golden age for woo-hoo: the films already mentioned were all released during the 7…