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25 Interesting Facts About White House

1. Teddy Roosevelt was an avid boxer and became the first American ever to receive a brown belt in Judo. He lined the White House basement with training mats and sparred with anyone that was willing including boxing champion John Sullivan, his wife, and a Swiss minister.
2. In 1970, Jimmy Carter let a prisoner convicted of murder obtain a work release to serve as a maid at the governor’s mansion. He was so impressed that when he was elected president in 1976 he volunteered to be her parole officer and let her continue working at the White House. She was later exonerated. 3. In 1974, a US soldier stole a helicopter and flew to the White House in Washington, D.C. As he hovered above the south grounds, the Executive Protective Service shot and injured him, forcing him to land. He only received a one-year prison sentence and $2,400 in fines. 4. Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the US, was the first president to have electricity in the White House but he never touched any light switch…

30 Facts About Breaking Bad !!

1. Director, Vince Gilligan didn’t want to continue with Breaking Bad when he found out that a similar show “Weeds” had the same premise. Later he said if he had knew earlier about this show, he wouldn’t even have created Breaking Bad. 2. Bryan Cranston was actually taught how to make meth by DEA in preparation for his role in Breaking Bad. 3. Tourism in Albuquerque has boomed from selling Breaking Bad candy and bath salts that resemble blue crystal meth. 4. In 2007, a year before Breaking Bad premiered, Mexican meth smuggled into USA averaged 37% purity. In 2011, the same year the show’s characters started making meth for a Mexican cartel, it was up to 88%. 5. Vince Gilligan (director) became a professional writer after submitting his fan script to “The X-Files” for its 2nd season. It became an episode and he went on to be a regular writer and producer on the X-Files. 6. Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) read only his lines while filming for the final episode. He threw the script in the trash a…

25 Interesting Facts About Hollywood

1. You pay to have your star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. $30,000 to be precise. 2. Charlie Chaplin made his movie mocking Hitler with his own money because Hollywood was afraid of losing money if they took a stand. 3. Frank Sinatra has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for film, one for music and one for television. 4. In 1920’s the Hollywood-sign was lit by thousands of light bulbs and the guy who changed the burnt ones, lived in a little cabin near the sign. 5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, recorded a $167 million loss ‘on paper’ because of “Hollywood Accounting.” Warner Brothers effectively made sure that the movie lost money by paying itself a $212 million “distribution fee” off the top. 6. One major reason that Hollywood emerged as the center of filmmaking is that early on, most moviemaking patents were held by Thomas Edison’s company in New Jersey, and filmmakers were sued to stop their productions. To escape this, they began moving out west, where enf…

30 Interesting Facts About Star Trek

1. When Stephen Hawking guest starred on the Star Trek: The Next Generation, he paused in front of the warp core set piece and remarked, “I’m working on that”. 2. Tim Russ, who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager also played the Spaceballs trooper that said, “We ain’t found shit!” 3. Nichelle Nichols (“Lt. Uhura”) resigned from Star Trek after the first season, but reconsidered after a conversation with a big Star Trek fan. The fan was Martin Luther King, Jr. 4. George Takei once called for peace between Star Wars and Star Trek fans to unite against Twilight fans. 5. The first scripted interracial kiss on US television was on Star Trek. It was meant to be filmed with and without the kiss. Shatner and Nichols deliberately flubbed every take of the shot without the kiss, so that they could not be used. 6. Being a Star Trek fan can get you a $500 college scholarship from an organization called Starfleet. 7. An episode of Star Trek – The Next Generation was banned in Ireland and the UK because i…

25 Interesting Facts About Borders

1. There is a species of deer in Germany who don’t cross the border where the Iron Curtain once stood, even though that border has been gone physically for 20 years. 2. In Denmark during WWII, border guards would screen homecoming Danes by making them say the name of a dessert: rødgrød med fløde. Due to its difficulty in pronunciation, German infiltrators could not pass the test. 3. A Mexican theme park stages a fake border crossing with a 7.5 mile night hike for about $18 a person. 4. There is a Bed and Breakfast called The Smuggler’s Inn directly on the US-Canadian border. The main attraction is watching smugglers cross the border with night vision binoculars. 5. The US-Canada border is the longest border in the world without a military defense. 6. Most of the Middle East’s borders were drawn up by a pair of English and French aristocrats in 1916. 7. North and South Korean armies choose their physically toughest looking soldiers to have a constant ongoing “stare down” across the Korean bo…

25 Interesting Facts About Cars

1. The Lincoln Town car is the last US luxury car to still use body-on-frame construction, as opposed to a unibody frame, which allows it to be easily lengthened, explaining the car’s full domination of the limousine market.

2. Norway has very strict rules on advertising cars as “green,” saying “cars can do nothing good for the environment except less damage than others.” 3. When Oprah gave the audience cars back in 2004, they were not really free. They had to pay about $6,000 in federal and income taxes. Some people paid the taxes by taking out car loans; others traded their new Pontiacs for cheaper, less souped-up cars. 4. A Greek taxi driver has the highest recorded mileage to date (2.9 million miles) on a Mercedes. He donated his car to the museum, and he was gifted a new car. 5. Mr. Rodgers’ car was once stolen. The thief returned it back to him after he realized whose car it was. 6. Honda Prelude was the first mass produced car that featured a mechanical 4-wheel steering system. In i…

Why are humans so bad at growing teeth?

Seems like in the animal kingdom (with the exception of inbreeding and such) animals grow teeth just fine that last well into adulthood. Humans seem to constantly get crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, underbites, overbites, wisdom teeth coming in sideways, etc. Why is this?
Unlike most animals, human diets have undergone a relatively rapid change in a relatively short period of time. Take an animal species and you’re looking a creature that’s been eating the same general diet for the last million years or so. Take humans, however, and our diets have changed drastically in the past tens of thousand years, which in evolutionary terms is break-neck speeds. We’ve gone from diets heavy in fibrous plant materials, which are tough and require a lot of chewing to fully utilize, to being able to eat an entire meal through a straw. Basically our early, early, early ancestors had to chew on really tough, hard foods. These required large jaws with lots of teeth in order to get more energy out of. As …

25 Interesting Facts About Manhattan

1. The population density of Manhattan is much lower today than it was 100 years ago, and total population has fallen by about 25%. 2. A man once drunkenly stole a plane and landed it in the middle of Manhattan in front of the bar he had been drinking at. Two years later he did it again because someone doubted he had done it the first time. 3. Subway’s most popular sandwich, the Italian BMT, is named after ‘Brooklyn Manhattan Transit’, literally a Subway. 4. On 9/11, when all transport out of the city was shut down, citizen boat owners managed to transport over 500k people from Manhattan Island in an amazing act known as the “9/11 Boatlift.” 5. If everyone lived as densely as they do in Manhattan, the human race could fit in New Zealand. 6. 740 Park in Manhattan is currently home to the highest concentration of billionaires in the country. 7. In the mid-1970s, there were bars in Manhattan called juice bars that only served non-alcoholic drinks that catered to people who liked to dance on me…