Paddington 2 (2017)

Back in 2014, Paddington came out of absolutely nowhere to become one of my favourite films of the year, a real family treat that was warm, pitch perfect and genuinely laugh out loud funny. As with any great cinematic success these days, a sequel was inevitable, and three years later we have Paddington 2, a straight forward title that I hoped would stick to the straight forward and satisfying formula that served its predecessor so very well. I’m pleased to report that, although Paddington 2 doesn’t quite manage to replicate the perfect magic of the first in the series, it is still without a doubt one of the best family films of the year. The narrative follows Paddington (Ben Whishaw) as he finds himself in a spot of trouble after being wrongly convicted of stealing a precious book, and his journey is both helped and hindered by a mixture of familiar characters and new additions, all of whom only serve to make the film even more enjoyable. In terms of tone, the film stays…

Seven Mobile Wallets Every Indian Should Know About

Today, most people you know are probably using a smartphone, and mobile wallets have also become quite widespread, even if most people use them for a very specific reason. For some, a mobile wallet is just a way to recharge their phone; for others, it's the app they use to refill the taxi money; and a few people have even started using these to buy a coffee at Cafe Coffee Day.There are dozens of branded wallet solutions on offer today, global and Indian, from tech companies, telecom players, and banks. With mobile Point of Sale service providers like Ezetap enabling mobile wallet payments, the usability of the wallet is no longer limited to sellers that have tied up with a particular wallet provider.The era of cashless payments is upon us. Its WhatsApp moment in India is somewhat validated by the rise of Paytm, one of the largest funded players in this space, claimed a 100 million strong user base in August, from 12 million users in November 2014. The momentum in this sector can b…

Yes, E-Wallets are better than cash: How to setup and use e-wallets.

There is chaos on the street, in the banks, ATMs and petrol pumps. We expect the scene to remain the same for coming days or weeks. But there is an easy way out of this, especially for all those who have a smartphone.
Tuesday, November 8, was a usual day till about 8pm in the evening when PM Modi said that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes will cease to be legal tenders from the midnight in India. That was the midnight of November 8. What followed that decision, presumably made to fight black money, has been a blurry slideshow of long queues outside ATMs, petrol pumps and just about everywhere. While many smartphone users are aware of mobile wallets and are probably using them, many are not. And even those who are using mobile wallets probably don't know all the uses of these apps at present. If a mobile wallet like Paytm is used to its full potential, you will not even need to carry cash, except for some situations. If you think it is an overstatement, keep on reading. India Tod…

Cashless India - Solution to get rid of black money!

Mobile payments are a top investment priority for banks. In fact, the world’s biggest banks continue to focus most of their announced IT initiatives on mobile financial services (including payments) and online banking. Mobile wallet providers are emerging as mini banking institutions and it won’t be surprising if they start providing banking solutions in future. E-wallets or M-wallets have been around for some time and their popularity is rising exponentially. A decision to scrap Rs.500 & Rs.1000 denomination notes and a friend of mine who is living ‘cashless’ (in India!) from more than 200 days grabbed my attention towards this topic and I decided to write about it.
Cost of Using Cash The median life span of a note across all denominations is about 3.6 years. As a result, roughly one-third of the current currency stock of 83.6 billion pieces gets replaced every year at a huge national cost. In 2014-15, the Reserve Bank spent ₹38.6 billion to print 23 billion pieces notes across a…

11 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

Seeing family during holiday breaks is not always the most relaxing way to spend a vacation and the added stress of traveling during the holidays is enough to drive someone crazy. These holiday travel tips will keep the stress at bay, so you'll be betterequipped to handle the probing questions from your nosy relatives.1. Get your flu shot before traveling. It's super easy to get sick on flights. Get your shot two weeks before you leave to avoid passing it to other travels or your family. 2. Clear your cookies, cache and history before booking your flights. Travel and airline site can track how many times you've visited their sites and change their prices accordingly. 3. Wrap any gifts you have when you reach your destination.